Audiobooks for Children

Audiobooks for Children marks the return of the good old tape recorder – right on your iPhone or iPad!

Wondering why we made the app? We’re firm believers that the iPad and the iPhone is a wonderful medium for children. But we also understand why parents sometimes worry that their children might be spending too much time fiddling with gadgets and gazing into a screen.

This is why we made “Audiobooks for Children”. The app can become a natural part of the children’s playtime. Press ‘PLAY and have “The Princess and the Pea” read aloud while you turn the couch upside down and pretend it’s a fairy tale castle. Take “Audiobooks for Children” along in the car for long drives – or on the restaurant so the kids can listen to “The Ugly Duckling” while mom and dad enjoy their coffee without the children asking when it’s time to go home.

Audiobooks for Children was made using Starling and Feathers and a very custom developed ANE for Recording, fast forward and rewinding fx.
I first used AIR’s SoundData to process the speed fx myself and it worked perfect and was very performant! But only on non-recordable audio files. The meaning of the App is so that the user themselves can be creative and record their own stories. So I tried a lot of thing to make it work. Record, then convert to Mp3 load that so the SoundData could be used. But it was a pain. Instead I posted on starlings job forum asking for developers that could help me. Soon I had a very talented developer that got the job and made the ANE. So instead of struggling with workaround I now had a solid API.

App Features:
– Play audio stories.
– Record own stories.
– Fast forward
– Rewinding
– Double playback speed.
– Shop with more tapes

The Danish version of the app i getting between 25-40 downloads a day and about 1-2 in app purchases.
The American version is struggling with only 0-2 downloads a day and almost no in-app purchases.

Download the app the App-store: