32 SoundChannels Limit

Im currently working on a small physics game involving a lot of sound fx  when collision occur. Object bouncing against walls, each other and so on.
I ran into the issue that more that 32 active SoundChannels are not supported by Flash/AIR.  I was having lots of bounce sound fx playing and then the player would die, but no sound appear because the 32 limit was occupied by all the bounce fx.

I came of with a very simple solution for this: Read More

Get creative with particles

When creating Spell Cubes I used a lot of particles to help the user through the initial app tutorial. So instead of showing text overlay i animation particles where the user had to interact next. If you read my Spell Cubes post you will know what I’m talking about.

I this post I will provide you with the code to achieve the same. I have created a Starling Extension that you can download below along with a very simple JSFL script used to output the motion you mock up in Flash Professional.

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