32 SoundChannels Limit

Im currently working on a small physics game involving a lot of sound fx  when collision occur. Object bouncing against walls, each other and so on.
I ran into the issue that more that 32 active SoundChannels are not supported by Flash/AIR.  I was having lots of bounce sound fx playing and then the player would die, but no sound appear because the 32 limit was occupied by all the bounce fx.

I came of with a very simple solution for this: Read More

Get creative with particles

When creating Spell Cubes I used a lot of particles to help the user through the initial app tutorial. So instead of showing text overlay i animation particles where the user had to interact next. If you read my Spell Cubes post you will know what I’m talking about.

I this post I will provide you with the code to achieve the same. I have created a Starling Extension that you can download below along with a very simple JSFL script used to output the motion you mock up in Flash Professional.

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iOS App Launch blink fix

If you have been developing apps for iOS with AIR, I am almost sure that you have come across the issue with the “App launch blink” that appears between, when your app has launched( showing the Launch Image) and when your app is instantiating its views.
Here I will explain a simple way to fix this annoying issue.
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In my latest Game I did a lot of manual positioning for my game UI, so a created this
little class to help me out a bit, and saving some time.

It make it possible to (in AIR Simulator) to click a Starling DisplayObject and moving it around using the keyboard arrows.
position is then copied to Clipboard so you can paste it back in you positioning code.

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