Modal Animation

Experimenting with some Modal Transition using Flex’s popUpManager.
With infinite number of popUp supported. ( popUp in popUp )

Animating on the 2.5D DisplayObject properties.

I wanted to get the feeling of going in/out of the popup, and thereby enhance the users focus on the popUp content.



  • Fréderic Cox

    Looks amazing. Care to elaborate on how this is done?

  • bjeld

    Thank you :)
    Sure, I make a post about it a soon as i get time for it, and I’ll put a Demo project on my Github.
    For now I can say that im Creating and using my own PopUpManagerImpl and there Im taking a Bitmap Snapshot of the Application, adding that to the modalWindow and animating it.

  • Mekki

    Great stuff!
    I’d love to see how you did it.
    Flash 4ever

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