When creating Audiobooks for Children, an oldschool Casette-Recorder AIR app for iOS, I was spending way too much time creating and maintaining assets for my textures…

I was maintaining a photoshop file, BitmapFonts and Texture atlases for each device:

  1. iPad non-retina
  2. iPad retina
  3. iPhone non-retina
  4. iPhone retina

I was literally using save-for-web to create my png files! These files were then added to the texture atlas for each device.

Every design change was a nightmare that would trigger a tedious asset workflow and a complete waste if time that I would rather use coding some cool functionality.

Then Photoshop CC – Generator came to the rescue!
Now I could have all those png files generated from one single psd file. It was a big time saver, and I thought if these files could just magically rename and move themself to the relevant texture atlasses and update a Class with Texture Constants. The idea for Assetifier was born.

What Assetifier in its current state is cable of:

  • Move all your generated assets(from the PSD Generator output folder), rename and move them to texture atlas folders (a TexturePacker files folder)
  • Generate AssetContans Class with static Constant names to use in project
  • Move GlyphDesigner .fnt files to your project assets font folder. Move the related font .png file to the Texture atlas folder.

So now the Asset creating workflow is as follows:

  1. Create one PSD file that generates png files for iPad and iPhone non-retina and retina
  2. Automate process of getting all these png files into the correct TextureAtlasses.
  3. Automate Process of creating Constant names for Textures
  4. Automate process of moving Font assets

So now the only manual steps are clicking the publish button in TexturePacker for each device’s atlas :)

As of now Assetifier only support iOS as it was created to support my needs.

See the 5 part tutorial on how to use the app here: